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Debt Relief Services In The Greater Toronto Area

Are you are struggling to make bill payments?

  • “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”?
  • Have your accounts gone into collection and creditors are calling or sending threatening letters?
  • Are you are being sued by a creditor or your wages are being seized?
  • Have you avoided filing income tax for one or more years and you owe the taxman?
  • Has your total debt load remained unchanged or worse yet, increased over the last 12 months?
  • Has your health been affected by financial stress, or have you had difficulty sleeping or experienced strain in your relationship with others (spouse, children etc)?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, DON’T PANIC! You’ve come to the right place. The debt-experts at Rusinek & Associates Inc. can help you TODAY!

Consumer Proposal

We can show you how to avoid bankruptcy by making a consumer proposal to your creditors. A proposal will enable you to keep your house, car, boat or other valuable property. You can settle your debts at a fraction of what you actually owe, by making one affordable interest-free monthly payment. Unlike many others, we do not charge you an additional fee to do this!

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Fresh-start by filing a bankruptcy

This option will provide instant relief and a financial fresh start, free from debts, collections and stress!

If you have high income, unlike many other firms, we do not charge you an administration fee.

Low income? No problem. Ask about our affordable very low monthly payments to get debt free.

Don’t sign ANYTHING until you speak with the debt-experts at Rusinek & Associates Inc.

Get relief instantly, once it's filed.

Proposals and bankruptcies can only legally be filed by Rusinek & Associates Inc or other licensed trustees. Here at Rusinek & Associates Inc, we've been helping the people of the Greater Toronto area get debt relief since 1991 We've seen all kinds of debt issues, from excessive consumer credit to business debt to tax debt and everything in between!

We're here to help you. It's all about you, and providing you with the relief you need today.

Debt relief is possible with the help of Rusinek & Associates Inc, but you need to take the first step by calling us to set up an appointment.

Debt-freedom is closer than you think...It is just a few steps away.

Here are the simple steps to becoming debt-free:

  1. Contact us using the online form, or email, or via the old-fashioned way (phone).
  2. We will arrange for you to meet for free with one of our friendly,caring debt-professionals.
  3. You may need to bring a list of your creditors and proof of income to the initial meeting. We will advise you what else may be necessary.
  4. The meeting takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour and is private. Our friendly staff know that most problems arise due to unfortunate setbacks. We are here to help and not judge.
  5. We will explain all options in detail so that you are 100% comfortable that relief is in sight.
  6. We unconditionally guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the meeting, you will NEVER receive a bill for the consultation. We are confident that you will see that you are in good hands.
  7. If you decide to proceed with us, we will prepare the necessary paperwork for you to sign.
  8. We know that time is of the essence to stop collection calls, garnishments and to get your life back in order as soon as possible, so we use electronic filing of your papers for immediate relief.
  9. We will provide a complete package of materials that we will review with you to ensure that your file proceeds smoothly. We will handle your creditors from here on in. No more stress!
  10. You will have at least two more meetings with our office during the administration of your file. But we are always just a phone call away.


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Our expert professionals can steer you in the right direction toward financial health and wealth.


Settle your debts and keep your assets without bankruptcy!

Do you qualify for immediate debt-relief? The answer is YES if any of the following describes your situation:  

  • Making only minimum payment (or no payment) on credit cards or credit lines or other loans
  • Total debt load has remained the same or has increased over the last 6-12 months
  • Using 'cash-stores' or cash-advances
  • Job loss, separation or divorce, health issues-disability, addiction
  • Tax debt and / or unfiled self-employment earnings
  • Creditors are suing or commencing garnishment of earnings


Flexible Hours & Flexible Payments

Confidential request for information - your personal information will not be shared or published!  (you don't even have to give your name)

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  • Flexible payment options
  • Electronic filing - Immediate Relief and Immediate halt to garnishments


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